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How to answer trademark oppositions in Colombia

The Madrid Protocol has offered an easy way to file
"foreign" trademark applications in Colombia, without, in principle, the need of hiring a Colombian attorney.

The trademark office will receive your application, and then, they will publish it on the official gazette. Third parties will have the chance to present oppositions, and you must answer them within the next 30 after the publication.

There is no sanction for not answering oppositions, but the TM Office will not hear your part of the story, something you do not want.

Keep in mind that you have to respond to the opposition in Spanish language and that you will need an Intelectual Property Attorney in Colombia.

We suggest:

1. With your trademark application number, contact an IP attorney in Colombia.
2. Ask the attorney if you are still on time to answer the opposition. If the attorney is not sure about the date or how to check the number you gave him/her, please consider a change. A good IP lawyer must know this.
3. Follow your attorney indications.

Keep in mind: Time is important here.

We can help you

We can answer your opposition. For that, we will need:

  1. Speak with you. Before you start, you may want to speak with a Colombian attorney. You can have a 30 minutes call or video conference free of charge. No obligation.
  2. We will need the file number OR the trademark name.
  3. Our fee: US$ 450